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Eat Club

Eat Club

Sales & Business Development
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Posted on Monday, August 14, 2023

We’re looking for young and hungry.

Position: Business Development Representative
Location: NYC

We’re a small start-up, but it’s not the size, it’s how you use it right? And boy are we using it.
We’re EatClub, Australia’s fastest growing food-tech platform. We launched EatClub just over a year ago and it went CRRRR-AZY. Now we’ve raised a bunch of money – and we want to hire you… a smart, young and hungry salesperson who wants to get on board a rocket ship that’s just taking off.
But then you’re like… “Bro, W.T.F. is EatClub”? Well, EatClub is a dynamic pricing app that top restaurants use to instantly send out last-minute deals to fill empty tables.
Pretty sweet right? Let me answer that for you… Yes, yes it is sweet. And to be honest… EatClub is a super-easy product to sell. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that restaurants want to fill empty tables. A tool for restaurants like EatClub has never existed and we think they’re going to jump on board mighty fast in the U.S of A.
First though, we need a team smoking gun Business Development Representatives to hit the pavement and get that ball rolling.
By the way, EatClub was founded by 3-star Michelin Chef, Marco Pierre White. Ok so you may not have heard of him but he’s a bit of a legend in Australia and his homeland of Merry Old England. Seriously, Google him!
EatClub is a really fun place to work and we’re growing ultra-fast. Interested in jumping on board the ride?

The numbers in Australia after 12 months

  • Reached $10M in annual transactions in Australia in our first year
  • Over 500,000 Australian users
  • 2000 restaurants on-boarded


  • Defining sales leads lists within city
  • Manage partner restaurant portfolio within their region
  • Acquire/on-board restaurants
  • Grow the number of active restaurants in the portfolio each month
  • Encourage and drive deals from restaurant portfolio
  • Develop tactical deals and promotions to run within the restaurant portfolio
  • Ensure restaurant portfolio receives adequate back-office support to run smooth operations (e.g., issues get fixed, queries answered)
  • Managing performance of the team working within their region as the city grows
  • Identifying partnership and marketing opportunities within the region
  • Overseeing the marketing execution to ensure the best ROI

The Business development representative is responsible for the end to end business development in their city.
They know all the restaurants within their region intimately and are the best placed to develop the restaurant leads list. Knowing which restaurants would bring the greatest value to the company allows the Business development representative to prioritize the leads so that the most impactful restaurants are signed and on-boarded first.
The Business development representative knows our product and can clearly articulate the benefit to restaurants. They see the restaurant as a partner and understands that they will only fully utilize the platform if they know its value.
The Business development representative also understands that having restaurants download the platform does not create value, they must be engaged and actively publishing deals. Once a restaurant is signed up and on-boarded, the Business development representative works closely with the restaurant to ensure frequent, high value deals are scheduled.
With all of this in mind, the Business development representative recognizes that speed is essential to the success of the company. We need to offer a broad range of quality restaurants and have them actively publishing deals quickly so our early adopters see the value and we create a gap between us and any future competition. Because of this, the Business development representative knows they must be organized, keeping a full pipeline, and incredibly active, filling the bulk of their day with restaurant engagement.
The success of their region does not lie purely in sales and account management. The Business development representative has a creative mind and natural knack for marketing. They know when they have established a great deal with a restaurant or collected some interesting content and work with the CMO to have it communicated to our customers.
Finally, as the city grows, the Business development representative will be responsible for managing the execution of the marketing plan. This requires them to understand the opportunities within their city intimately and exploit them effectively. They can accurately evaluate the success of the marketing actions and acts fast to correct poor marketing performance.

Grow “active restaurant” portfolio by 20 restaurants each month